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We are actively looking for business people who can serve on the Tourism Board. A strong interest in and dedication to business people and those with a interest in public relations and publicity would certainly be of great assistance.

We need office personnel! Call 928.916.1090 for more information.


Our Mission

Tourism Bureau Mission Statement

The Mission of the Quartzsite Tourism Bureau is to offer a host of programs and services designed to assist tourism to grow and prosper, and to effectively market the Town of Quartzsite to promote tourism and economic development for the community.

We provide support, information and advertising that benefit the World's Largest Gem and Mineral Show during the months of November, December, January and February. This 'show' encompasses our entire town with every available space filled to capacity with vendors and attractions of all types. We send information about vending spaces throughout the year.

Our goal is to achieve a 75% membership participation of the Quartzsite area businesses and for them to take an active role in their community through partnering with the Tourism Bureau within the next year.  Also, expanding our current source of information, providing workshops and seminars in coordination with the state Tourism Department.

Our current objective is to provide accurate information about our area to every person that visits or calls our office and/or views our website. As the Tourism Bureau, we offer members the opportunity to promote their businesses and activities worry-free, while we provide promotion for their event, doing the advertising through our newsletter and website [with over 860,000 hits per year,] website links and articles about their business. We offer businesses educational seminars, connection to Legislative, State and local officials and network with other area businesses and tourism bureaus. 

We encourage travelers to stop in our town via the billboard located on Interstate 10, and placing ads in national publications such as the Arizona Tourist News, Family Motorcoach magazine, Highways magazine, RV Life and featured articles in newspapers and magazines across the United States.

Providing information and support to the visitors and residents of our town, we encourage growth and development of our area. We look forward to increasing our efforts, quality of service, and offer additional and expanded services.


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